Mid Century Wall Clocks -Best Decor Ideas 2022-

To find the perfect mid century wall clocks for your home, you must first consider what your style is. For example, a George Nelson wall clock can be quite different from a contemporary one, as with many contemporary wall clocks. You’ll find many mid-century designs in matte black or polished chrome, depending on your preference. Then you can consider a Vitra wall clock to complete the look of your room. The styles are as varied as the styles themselves, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s description to make the right decision. Keep up with our decor ideas.

George Nelson-Mid Century Wall Clocks

When it comes to George Nelsons mid century wall clocks, there’s little doubt that he had a hand in the design. His design studio, George Nelson Associates, was founded in 1947 and included the likes of Irving Harper and Ettore Sottsass for a short time. George Nelson and his colleagues also worked for Herman Miller, one of the foremost manufacturers of modern furniture in the United States. George Nelson also created over 130 clocks for the Howard Miller Clock Company, which was started by his brother-in-law, Howard Miller.


Mid Century Wall Clocks -Best Decor Ideas 2022-

The George Nelson mid century wall clocks was originally designed by Nelson, who studied the ways that people read time and came to the conclusion that most people read time by discerning the relative positions of the hands. Because of this, he designed a clock that could be read without looking at it. This clock is still extremely desirable today, and is sure to add a modern twist to any room in your home. Its angular, geometric shape will instantly catch the eye and set the tone for a streamlined, modern interior.

Nelson’s mid century wall clocks are truly remarkable. The sunburst dial is a masterpiece of modern art, and it’s a perfect addition to any modern room. A modern home is complete without a George Nelson wall clock. Nelson’s unique designs have become a classic in modern design. The George Nelson sunburst wall clock is one of the best-known examples of his work. Nelson’s sunburst clock is one of the most iconic and distinctive examples of his work, and is a true piece of mid-century design.

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Elgin-Mid Century Wall Clocks

This vintage Elgin mid century wall clocks is a charming addition to any modern or contemporary home. This compact clock features a goldtone bezel, a metal face, and tapered goldtone metal rays that form the pattern of the sun. It does not include a battery, and its functionality is unknown. One downside to this clock is that its backside is exposed, so it may have some dust accumulation. Overall, this clock is in good condition. The cork background and wood frame are in great shape, but the metal clock face shows light spotting and discoloration. Fortunately, this is not a major problem and it can easily be fixed.

Another noteworthy mid century wall clock is the Seth Thomas Elgin, which was designed by the noted industrial designer Irving Harper. His designs were later adopted by other popular manufacturers and have become highly collectible. You can choose this clock to compliment any interior design. A clock that shows the time in style can add an air of sophistication and class to a room. You can also buy vintage clocks from stores and online. One such resource is 1stDibs.com, where you can find clocks from all over the world.

Lux-Mid Century Wall Clocks

The luxurious design and slender design of the Infinity Instruments Lux 9.5″ Wall Clock give it an opulent demeanor. The clock’s red color and metal hands make it the perfect choice for any room. The clock is in excellent condition. It measures 27″ in diameter across its wooden spokes. Moreover, its original electrical wiring is in place. Despite its antique appearance, it works as it should.

Mid Century Wall Clocks -Best Decor Ideas 2022-

Lux Mid Century Wall Clocks

It has a very striking design with an atomic starburst pattern of spokes. The spokes alternate between gold-tone metal and wooden covered tubular forms. In addition, there are atomic balls and mini globes embedded within the spokes. The clock is available in light cream or ivory colors with a gold-tone scalloped frame. The center is brass colored. It is available in a number of finishes, including brass.

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George Nelson was an American designer who designed more than 100 different clock models during his career, including wall clocks, floor clocks, portable table-top clocks, built-in clocks, and more. After his death in 1986, Nelson left behind more than seven thousand items from his collection. Vitra Design Museum acquired Nelson’s collection and continues to re-issue many of his popular designs. There are currently 24 models available, and new pieces are added to the collection regularly. The clocks are made with quartz movements and are a refreshing alternative to the traditional look of clocks.

George Nelson, the designer of the Sunburst Clock, designed the collection of mid century wall clocks in 1951. These wall clocks feature quartz movements and are powered by one AA battery. The sculptural shape and materials of these clocks make them ideal for upscale spaces. These wall clocks can be placed in guest rooms as well, which is a great way to show off a beautiful wall clock in your guestroom. To clean a Vitra mid century wall clock, just use a soft cloth with a mild detergent and wipe away any stains.

Vitra’s collections are often available in many different materials, including wood, brass, and metal. Their designs are often highly collectible, and many have become iconic, including the Panton Chair Classic, Sunburst Clock, and many others. These products can also be used to match any color scheme. No matter what your decor is, you’re sure to find the perfect Vitra mid century wall clock. Just remember to research your options carefully before making a decision.


The George Nelson Sunflower Wall Clock was designed by American designer George Nelson in 1958. This iconic wall clock features a metal face with perfectly formed hour and minute hands and quartz movement. It is a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms, or other areas where a colorful, mid-century aesthetic is desired. The clock’s beautiful design adds flair to a plain living room. It is also a classic design choice for the kitchen or dining room.

Mid Century Wall Clocks -Best Decor Ideas 2022-

Sunflower Mid Century Wall Clocks

George Nelson was an important figure in the development of American design. He invited Charles & Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi, and Alexander Girard to work with him at Herman Miller. George Nelson also ran his own design studio, and produced the Sunflower Clock for Vitra. From 1957, he maintained a close relationship with Vitra, creating an iconic wall clock that is still in production today. The Vitra Design Museum has an extensive collection of George Nelson designs.

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Globe Dome

This glossy opal glass dome is surrounded by a matte black metal dome. The clock’s shade swings left to right with a gooseneck arm. A matte white dial shows the time in the morning and a black and white hands show the time in the evening. The symmetrical shape creates an interesting focal point. A modern design for a mid-century wall clock, the Globe Dome is an excellent choice for a contemporary home.


This Mid Century Boho Wandering Wall Clock has a strikingly unique design that draws the eye to the time. Amid the black and white wood, the clock features hand-painted spikes, distributing them evenly. The hands are made of black metal and run on one AA type 1.5V battery, ensuring that the clock will remain accurate for many years. The clock can be customized to match your interior design style, or you can buy it as-is.

Unlike many other modern wall clocks, this unique piece of artwork will add value to any room. It is made from recycled bicycle wheels and other fascinating metals. The artist, bicycle mechanic, and engineer that created this clock also stands behind its work and offers a limited lifetime warranty. The price of this piece is quite high, however, so make sure to shop around and see what you can afford. Whether you are shopping for a unique wall clock for a child’s room or a modern home, this piece will definitely make a statement.

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